LANGUAGES: Italian / English / French


  • From milk to cheese: tour and tasting at the local dairy;
  • From Flour to bread: excursion at local bakery where all our guests will participate in the transformation of flour into dough or bread with its baking in wood-fired oven – (min 2 people);
  • The sweets of Puglia: excursion at local craft bakery with tasting of typical sweets of Puglia. You can watch and participate in the working methods of the sweets of Puglia and tasting;
  • Home flavor Home: excursion at local artisan company that follows all the traditional recipes passed down from father to son, recalling a mix of flavors and fragrances, ideal to brighten every moment of the day, using fresh fruits and vegetables, combined with traditional procedures and by the whole experience of the owner, Mrs. Anna. Tasting of jams, pickles, pies, canned fruit and sauces. (min 2 people);
  • Typical Pastry course of Puglia with final tasting at a local pastry;
  • A drizzle of oil:  guided tour at a local mill, where you can see the stages of production. Tasting at the end (end of October / January) – (min 2 people);
  • Aroma of wine: grape harvest, crush barefoot and then squeezing in the press (September-October) – (min 2 people);
  • Cooking lesson, where our guests can learn in a funny way our typical recipes. Dinner at the end included – (min 2 people)